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Informal STEM Engagement in NASA Missions, Astronomy and Space Exploration

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Each module provides structured informal STEM education on current NASA missions and the latest discoveries in astronomy and space exploration. It's the perfect tool for educators in schools, after school programs, home schools and summer youth programs who wish to inspire our youth with the wonders of the universe.

The Value of Our Internet-Based STEM Education Programs
Internet-based STEM education programs in NASA missions, astronomy and space exploration can capitalize on fundamental principles of learning.

  • Internet-based education can enable better mastery through distributed (shorter, more frequent) practice rather than massed (longer, less frequent) practice.
  • Our structured programs help the educator optimize performance because it allows students to learn at the peak time of their day.
  • Our programs can deepen memory because of the natural interest youth have in space exploration.

Easy to Facilitate - No Experience in Space Science Required
Each structured, self contained 30 minute program utilizes short 3-5 minute educational videos produced by NASA and a variety of professional scientific organizations. These educational videos are narrated by scientists and engineers directly involved in NASA missions, astronomy and space exploration. This allows the educator to effectively facilitate the program with a minimum of personal experience and education in space science.

Easy to Implement - Minimum Educator Preparation Time
Each DiscoverSpace CLASSROOM module has simple instructions on implementing the program into the classroom and requires a minimum amount of time in educator preparation. A 2 page Educator Guide and single page Student Worksheet can be downloaded and printed to step the educator and the students through the structured 30 minute internet-based educational program.

Easy to Schedule - Use at Any Time
DiscoverSpace CLASSROOM modules can be used at any time making it easy to integrate them into any classroom schedule.

Access to the DiscoverSpace CLASSROOM Library
Our library of easy to use modules gives the educator a wide variety of past modules to use at any time, and as often as needed, creating a valuable resource in STEM educational programs.

Review a Demo
Review a demonstration of an actual DiscoverSpace CLASSROOM module and the process used to provide these valuable STEM educational programs to your students.

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